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Soothing Shampoo

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100% natural and vegan shampoo for all dog breeds.

It cleanses and conditions naturally, leaving the hair looking healthy, silky and shiny, with a delicate scent. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and all hair types. With the highest quality organic oat extract, it has soothing components, making it super effective to soothe sensitive skin. With seaweed extract, full of vitamins and minerals vital for healthy skin.

Ingredients: organic oat (soothing and anti-itching), seaweed (strengthening skin integrity), soy and coconut (nourishing and hydrating, grapefruit (antioxidant to strengthen the skin), heliotrope (mild oil-based fragrance - non-irritating), wood -rose (mild, oil-based fragrance, non-irritating), vitamin C (antioxidant vitamin - soothes inflammation), vitamin E- (antioxidant vitamin, soothes inflammation).