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The Spa

The Six Senses Douro Valley Spa Collection offers a curated selection of wellness and relaxation products.
This exclusive range includes items for aromatherapy, body care, and natural healing, designed to enhance your spa experience. The collection features biohacking tools, healing stones, and specially formulated spa products, reflecting the luxurious and holistic approach of Six Senses Spa.
Ideal for personal indulgence or as thoughtful gifts, these items bring the serene spa experience to your home.


Douro Valley Facial Retreat

From €185,00 - €205,00

Massage Getaway

From €75,00 - €315,00

Birthday Bliss

From €210,00 - €260,00

Workshop Alquímia

From €100,00 - €140,00

Body Treatments

From €215,00 - €308,00


From €130,00 - €230,00