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Set 2 mugs Lisboa Collection

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Set 2 Mugs Lisbon Collection

Using the best natural resources in Portugal, Costa Nova pieces are known for its colour and exceptional durability made in Fine Stoneware, offering and endless range of combinations to create the perfect setting for each occasion.

Taking inspiration from the Portuguese blue and white tiles from 18th an 19th centuries, the Lisbon collection makes a sophisticated and incomparable statement to any dinner table.

Size: 52 cl

Some additional information and cautions:

Dishwasher Safe: All Lisboa Collection are easy to wash and clean and abrasive cleaners can be used without the risk of damaging it. As a precaution we recommend you to wash oversized items and more delicated pieces by hand.

Oven, microwave and Freezer Safe: All pieces have high thermal shock resistance,the maximum thermal variation advised is 180 ºC. As a precaution we should avoid placing pieces straight from the oven on a cold surface.