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Portuguese Grape Selection

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Wine Selection - Portuguese Grape Varieties.

Portugal is the country in the world that boasts the greatest diversity of Portuguese grape varieties. The grape varieties are the designation used to describe a set of vines, whose morphological characteristics and particular qualities give the wine a unique character.

With this reality in mind, Portuguese winemakers have been concerned about preserving the heritage of more than 250 native grape varieties that do not exist in other parts of the world.

In this way, we have selected for you a pack of 6 Portuguese grape varieties where you can discover the unique terroir of each one of them.

3 White Varieties Vs 3 Red Varieties

  • Carm Rabigato White (Region - Douro)

  • Ameal Loureiro White (Region - Vinho Verde)

  • Verdelho o Original White (Region - Azores)

  • R.C.V. Séries Rufete Red - (Region - Douro)

  • M.O.B. Alfrocheiro Red - (Region - Dão)

  • Ventozelo Touriga Franca (Region - Douro)