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Mirror in the Sky Cashmere Shawl

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The Tibetan Collection


Images feature Buddhist Purifiers and Protectors, Naga Spirits and traditional motifs.



Protectors are also Purifiers, we combine Mahakala (Bhairav in Hinduism) with water elements or fire elements. Nagas, or Tibetan Dragons, are powerful protectors who can control the weather and fight negative spirits.



Mirror in the Sky hand-felted cashmere products make a distinctive statement about quality and workmanship. Each product in the Tibetan Collection goes through hours of refinement and processing. For one shawl, the felting process takes four women seven to eight hours and the total production time is more than 20 hours. All of our felting products are made by an ethical women’s cooperative in Kathmandu.


Size 35 x 175cm
Material 100% Cashmere shawl and felting & 100% printed silk panel
 Made in Nepal