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Natural Dog Whitening Shampoo

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100% Natural Whitening Shampoo which uses the power of blue flowers to bring out the best natural brilliance to a pup's white fur gently whilst cleansing, conditioning and soothing the skin. Ingredients: Organic oats (soothing and anti-itch), seaweed (helps strengthen skin integrity), gardenia (100% natural based blue color-brightens yellow fur into bright white brilliance), soya (nourishing and hydrating), coconut (nourishing and hydrating), grapefruit (antioxidant activity to strengthen skin), heliotrope (gentle non-essential oil based fragrance-non irritating), rosewood (gentle non-essential oil based fragrance- non-irritating), vitamin C (Antioxidant vitamin – calms inflammation), vitamin E (antioxidant Vitamin-calms inflammation) and Lavender (soothes the skin).