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Organic Olive Oil Six Senses 500 ml

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Six Senses Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Six Senses Organic Olive Oil is a balanced, medium fruity Olive Oil with balanced bitter and spicy notes. Coming from the region of "Trás-os-Montes", it is a high quality extra virgin olive oil, with a low degree of acidity, extracted from the typical olive trees varieties of the region.


Origin:  Trás-os-Montes, Portugal
Category:  Extra Virgin - Organic Production
Acidity: <0,3%
Preserve:  Store away from light and heat


 Nutritional Declaration per 100 ml
Energy: 3437kJ/ 821kcal
Lipids, of which: 91,2 g
* Saturated: 13,1 g
* Monoinsaturados: 71,8 g
* Polinsaturados: 6,3 g
Carbohydrates, of which: 0 g
* Sugars 0 g
Proteins: 0 g
Shall: 0 g